Entry #20


2012-09-26 09:59:07 by Mariomeister

I don't even know if I'll ever make anything to put up on NG, but I do have some news...

I've stumbled across the old MX7 'script' while moving house. I have a new laptop now. 1 + 1 = ......

We'll see. There might be something coming your way, folks. If I get a little motivation from you guys, I'll make you something nice. Deal?


Riddle me the subject


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2012-12-03 11:30:08

hey i am still looking forward to your series finishing if you plan to. I know things get rough when you want to upload something and it all of a sudden is gone. i would love to see you finish this series and please make the episodes a little bit longer.


2012-12-08 15:40:04

wow Ep.7 is started.


2013-11-14 05:32:11

Do you work on MBX 7?